Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia Premier Residential & Commercial Paint & Rust Stripping & Refinishing Services

Our Main Services are:

Wood Services:

Stripping, neutralizing, refinishing, staining, painting, restoration.

Metal Services:

Stripping, de-rusting, decalcification, corrosion removal, refinishing, restoration. (We do not do restoration on Automotive, only stripping.)

Chemstrip Refinishing. LLC strips paint and rust from these products in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas:

Architectural Elements: doors, windows, shutters, metal and wood railings, columns, registers, pipe chases, moldings, heating radiators, steel stairs, tin ceilings, kitchen cabinets, trim etc.

Furniture: wood and metal lawn furniture, cabinets, tables, desks, shelves and dressers.

Car and Truck Parts: frames, fenders, wheels, doors, hoods, trunks, engines, manifolds, tailgates, etc. Note: we do not refinish, paint or prime these parts

Maryland Radiator Refinishing

Maryland Rail Refinishing

Paint and Rust Stripping for Wood and Metal Processes

  • Water based chemicals used are much safer and more environmentally friendly
  • De-rusting dissolves rust but does not remove metal
  • De-leading is the result of paint stripping*

*We are not a certified lead abatement company

Lead abatement note: Most localities will allow a general contractor to remove the affected item, strip that item and repaint, then even if there were some lead residue remaining, if would be encapsulated. Encapsulated is an accepted lead abatement approach in most circumstances.

Factors Involved in Price Determination

  • Over-all surface area of item
  • Intricacy or detail of item
  • Amount of paint or number of layers
  • Type of paint or difficulty of removal
  • Metal: over all amount of rust

Above factors determine the amount of labor involved and chemicals expended.

Maryland Shelving Refinishing

Service Areas:
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